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Picking the best tax program for your tax return preparation this tax season doesn't have to be a lucky roll of the dice.

Many of the software brands on the market now are good quality programs for simple tax preparation. However, when your tax filing needs get more detail oriented, you need a more robust tax software program to insure your getting your biggest refund possible.

Top Rated Tax Software Programs

H&R Block and TurboTax are top choices for best online tax software programs on the market today. In reality, they have been the top choices for decades.

As mentioned above for basic tax preparation there are many programs like FreeTaxUSA, CompleteTax, TaxBrain, OnePriceTaxes and more that can do a good job for you. But when things get complicated with tax deductions, charitable contributions, investments, self employment and home ownership, it's time to stick with the market leaders.

The Best Tax Program

Market statistics show TurboTax rated at #1 and H&R Block rated at #2 for market share in annual sales. Each of our top choices offer a suite of tax software editions to fit any tax filers needs. They are the best online tax software choices to help you calculate tax return liability, and for all-around tax filing requirements. Broken down for tax preparation needs they include:

  • Free Editions for simple tax returns with minimal 1040 needs. These free tax software editions are quite basic since they don't support special form needs and have no import capabilities. They are designed for simple tax returns for employed filers, renters and students.
  • Basic Editions are more generous with extra support, along with the ability to import data which can save time and insures accuracy. While still not set up to help with investments and special forms, they do make a good choice for return customers looking to save time by importing data like w2's and previous years entries of personal data like your employer and personal identification information.
  • Deluxe Editions are a big step up, and the best tax preparation software choices for support with tax deductions, home ownership, charitable contribution and medical and educational tax filing needs. The deluxe programs are far more robust for insuring that your taking advantage of every deduction you can possibly qualify for in order to reduce you taxes owed or increase your refund amount.
  • Premium and Premier Editions are the cream of the crop when it comes to investments and self employment. Extra support keeps you on top of filing for stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments such as rental properties and other financial adventures. When your tax return gets to where you need more investing support, these editions are great choices for the best income tax software.
  • Home and Business Editions are the pick for you if you have a small business and want to complete both your business and personal tax returns from one package. With extensive support, these programs tailor themselves to your business through an interview process designed to target and focus on your industry tax filing needs all while eliminating areas of tax preparation that don't apply to your situation. This in turn keeps you focused on the deductions and benefits you can take advantage of.

Regardless of you tax filing needs, there are choices that can make tax filing a easy task all while saving you money.

Taking advantage of every tax deduction you can is a great way to educate yourself on preparing better all year long for bigger refunds. It's your money, why give more to Uncle Sam than you have to...

Try one of our top tax software program choices today and see why they lead the market in sales and consumer satisfaction each and every year. Knowledge is power and these brands are great education tools, truly the best tax software choices you can make.

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